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Sunday Morning Thoughts on Italy

I’m lucky enough to be planning another trip to Italy with my mom, leaving in a couple of weeks. Last time I was there, I took a lot of photos of beautiful buildings and sculptures. They’re everywhere you look. The … Continue reading

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The Spanish Steps in Rome

Wandering around Rome last year, we happened upon the Spanish steps—the widest staircase in Europe, built in the 1700’s. We walked all the way to top to go into the church at the top of the 135 steps (one thing you do … Continue reading

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The Bidet in the Bathroom: What, and Why?

Last fall when my mom and I visited Italy, all our hotels had bathrooms with a tub, sink, toilet, and bidet, like this one in Venice: Each time we arrived at a new hotel, we joked that we would use the … Continue reading

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Pottery from Czech Republic

A couple months ago I decided to blog about the miscellaneous and beloved pieces of pottery that I’ve collected these last few years. But then I only got around to posting one piece, so far. So here’s another. This little … Continue reading

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Scenes from Venice

Well, I planned to blog about Rome tonight, but I liked Venice so much, what the hell, I decided to stay there for another post. Here are a few things I learned about Venice: 1) The city is sinking. A lot. More accurately, the … Continue reading

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