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My Two Favorite Tourist Traps in Rome

You shouldn’t avoid tourist traps just because they are tourist traps. I know this because I have been to some really famous tourist traps and most of them were pretty great. One of these days I’ll make a couple of … Continue reading

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A belated but not unexpected rant about the Pope

  A few weeks ago the Guardian ran an article reviewing a newly published book about Pope John Paul II by a Vatican “official” (employee) who is “in charge of the process that could lead to sainthood.” I have a lot … Continue reading

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The Value of a Good Interpreter

Hubby and I went out for Chinese food a couple of weeks back. Like most people after a Chinese meal (in American restaurants), I enjoy a good little message nestled into a lousy tasting, sticky bit of high-fructose corn syrup mixed with cheap … Continue reading

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