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Why I Went to Macy’s Instead of JCPenney; or, What Happened to JCPenney?

It’s early April in Minnesota. If we have a cool-and-rainy season in Minnesota, it’s April. It’s technically spring, but there’s still snow on the ground, and it still freezes every night. It’s too warm to wear our winter coats, but we still need … Continue reading

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UpCycling My Old Table and Chairs

I don’t remember buying my little kitchen table and two chairs, and I don’t remember ever liking them, either. They don’t even match each other. They’re functional enough, but they’re nothing to look at. So last summer I decided to … Continue reading

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A Comment About Shopping

Dear Retailers (in this instance, Herberger’s and Target): $11 off a product that is normally $138 is not a sale. Please don’t waste your time. I will not be buying it when it’s only $11 off. $.30 off a product … Continue reading

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Pottery I Love, from Jamaica

Although I do cat voices very well (and credibly, if you ask me), I possess no other artistic skills. I do admire others’ work, though, especially pottery. Here’s the first in what I hope to be a (short) series on hand-thrown pottery that … Continue reading

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The Perfect Swimsuit

Seeing that swimsuits are on end-of-the-year clearance at LandsEnd.com, I ordered several. They didn’t fit. Delightfully, a couple of them were actually too big. Oh well. Winter is coming anyway, I don’t know why I thought I needed a new … Continue reading

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I’m SUCH a Good Person, or, Another Wasted Lunch Hour

Today, as usual, I had 30 minutes for lunch during work. 30 minutes doesn’t usually leave much room for annoying stoplights, running into people I know who want to chat, browsing at the library, or even putting gas in my car and running … Continue reading

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Didn’t she ever see “Pretty Woman”?

Today is Friday and I took a little longer lunch than I am allowed. However, it’s also the end of the month and for the first time since starting my new sales job six months ago, I made my quota … Continue reading

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