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A Sonnet! from Senator Al Franken

In Minnesota these 6 years, I have watched Al Franken become a genuine US Senator. Now he’s up for re-election and guess what we Franken supporters got in our Inboxes today? A good old-fashioned sonnet! It’s actually a request for … Continue reading

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Springtime Hurrah

It’s too stormy and rainy here to take photos of my own garden which is becoming slightly green in late April, and I’m not a poet, so I am borrowing a photo and a poem for today’s post. It’s probably … Continue reading

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Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously

It was cold for awhile: Finally it warmed up and snowed a bit: Our “outdoor cat,” Moe, who lives inside during the winter and who has a bad case of Cabin Fever, finally got to go outside this morning—it’s 22 degrees … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Poem by Thomas R. Smith

“Baby Wrens’ Voices” by  Thomas R.  Smith I am a student of wrens. When the mother bird returns to her brood, beak squirming with winged breakfast, a shrill clamor rises like jingling from tiny, high-pitched bells. Who’d have guessed such … Continue reading

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How to Keep Birds Away From Your Raspberries, Part II

The next summer (last year), I tried to solve the problem by draping netting over the plants. It worked to an extent, but what a pain it turned into. The netting sticks to the plants, gets twisted up in itself, … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Lilac Bush

May 2, 2013: May 9, 2013: June 6, 2013:

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The Original Pink and Purple (in my front yard)

I always think of nature as a great spectacle, somewhat resembling the opera. —Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle

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