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Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously

It was cold for awhile: Finally it warmed up and snowed a bit: Our “outdoor cat,” Moe, who lives inside during the winter and who has a bad case of Cabin Fever, finally got to go outside this morning—it’s 22 degrees … Continue reading

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“November for Beginners” by Rita Dove

“November for Beginners” by Rita Dove Snow would be the easy way out—that softening sky like a sigh of relief at finally being allowed to yield. No dice. We stack twigs for burning in glistening patches but the rain won’t … Continue reading

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A Frosty Morning

Today is Saturday, so I slept in till about 8:30. When I finally got up, I looked outside and realized I was missing a perfectly sparkling morning outside. Before I even made coffee, I put on my boots and hat … Continue reading

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Garrison Keillor on Winter in Minnesota

Growing up in a place that has winter, you learn to avoid self-pity. Winter is not a personal experience, everybody else is as cold as you, so you shouldn’t complain about it too much. You learn this as a kid, … Continue reading

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It’s Just Cold, That’s All There is to It

It got cold last night. It was the kind of night in Minnesota when you think, could it really be that sometimes we wear shorts and t-shirts outside? Is it true that, here at our house, during a different season, … Continue reading

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