Too Much Cats?

Hubby and I are building a small cabin on a small lake in northern Minnesota. We plan to have lots of lazy summer days up there, someday. “We” (Hubby) are doing most of the work, so it will be awhile before much relaxation takes place there. Last weekend, our task was covering up the insulated ceiling in the kitchen (from which green spray insulation is always falling) with corrugated tin. It took 2-1/2 days on 2 ladders, and there was no swearing. (?)

Since we began this project a couple of years ago, I have started seeing lots of colors, products, layouts, and general interior design ideas that I would like to use in the cabin (again, someday). Unfortunately I have no interior design sense or style whatsoever, and even if I did, we do not intend to spend much money on outfitting the place. Usually after dreaming about a particular design plan, I come back to reality and realize that with my limited funds and nonexistent style, we’ll do this simply, and Architectural Design will probably not be visiting to showcase our place.

Thus, cat shower curtains. If we’re going to outfit the place in simple, inexpensive products that we like, how about a cat shower curtain?! (I’m a little proud and embarrassed that this is really how I think.) A google search revealed several dozen options. My favorites:

cat curtain 2cat curtain 6

cat curtain 4  cat curtain 3cat curtain 1cat curtain 7

The one thing I don’t like about the cabin right now, besides all the work that is involved, is that my cats don’t come along when we go there. They have to stay home and guard the house. Maybe someday when our cabin is finished, we’ll take them along. A five-hour drive with four cats in the car . . . . ? Thus, cat shower curtains.


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1 Response to Too Much Cats?

  1. Tifness says:

    great pictures! i love cats! i have one that’s a mixed persian and tabby 🙂 i’m a travel blogger on here too! 🙂 love your blog 🙂

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