No Time Like the Present

I stopped blogging awhile back.

It was before a jetliner flew over the Indian Ocean and was never found.

It was before a bored and thoughtless reality TV Star began running for US President again.

It was before my beloved orange cat and BFF, Sagan, died at age 18-1/2.

It was before I started waking up with numb hands and arms in the middle of the night because my employer adopted and my job mostly entails clicking and mousing around my now TWO computer monitors all day at work, getting half the amount of work done as I used to, but at least providing managers with the ability to pull reports they never knew to pull before.

It was before I started playing CandyCrush on my smartphone, admittedly wasting countless hours chasing little colored icons that really look nothing candy.

It was before I gained 8 pounds and no longer fit into my favorite pants.

Anyway, you get the idea. Everything, and nothing, has happened since I stopped blogging. And I really miss my blog, even though I have a small (now nonexistent) following and mostly just write for myself. It’s amazing to me how many times during my “absence” (? I was still here) I thought, I should write about this on my blog. And then I didn’t.

So, today I’m putting my toe back into the water. Can I maintain a blog again when my hands and wrists don’t need more stress, when I have 3 new kittens, when I should be exercising, when posting about politics will just upset me, when I feel strangely and undeniably compelled to pass through to the next CandyCrush level or die trying?

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