Give Gwyneth Paltrow a Break

Gwyneth Paltrow recently took the FoodBankNYC Challenge to raise awareness about hunger. This means she will do her best to stick to the items she can buy with $29, a “food stamp budget,” for one week.

Late last week, Paltrow posted the food she selected:


In short, she chose beans, eggs, tomato, tortillas, rice, and onion, some sort of leafy green, an avocado, and some herbs. No surprise here. Gwyneth eats real food.

And now everyone is hating on Gwyneth again. “She couldn’t eat like this for months on end!” some of the haters are saying. “She’s a gazillionaire; what is she trying to prove?!” others say.

Time Magazine even chastised Paltrow for participating in “Poverty Tourism.”

I don’t get it. What is the matter with this food, and what is the matter with Paltrow taking this challenge? It’s not supposed to be for years on end; the challenge is to raise awareness of hunger in America, and also to try to help food-stamp-reliant Americans to gain empathy and support.

Truth be told, this is a lot of good food for $29, and if more Americans ate real food like this, more of us would feel better and live longer—those of us on food stamps and those of us who aren’t.

We all know Gwyneth Paltrow really does eat real food (not processed junk, and not meat grown on factory farms) and has been a vegetarian for years. So why wouldn’t she buy vegetables and other healthy non-meats with her $29? What would most Americans think to buy—a couple pounds of hamburger, a bag of white bread, and some frozen French fries? Seriously, what? Can’t get much of that garbage for $29.

Shame on you, Time Magazine, for shaming a citizen trying to take part in a public conversation meant to help the poor. I think we know Paltrow well enough to know she’s trying to use her celebrity for the good.

Jesus Christ, give her a break.

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