A Sonnet! from Senator Al Franken

In Minnesota these 6 years, I have watched Al Franken become a genuine US Senator. Now he’s up for re-election and guess what we Franken supporters got in our Inboxes today? A good old-fashioned sonnet! It’s actually a request for money, but I still like it; you don’t see many new sonnets these days. In fact, this is a pretty bad poem, but Franken states he’s asked for help every way he can except for a Shakespearean sonnet, so here’s that:

This deadline coming up ain’t just a ruse
It’s crunch time, with our foes on the attack
And with just days to go, you have to choose
Will you sit idly by – or
help fight back?

Our field program is fully underway
From Moorhead to Mankato to the Range
And, yes, there’s more new email every day
And, yes, as it gets late they’re getting strange

But right-wing groups want you to hit “delete”
They hope you’re cynical, they hope you’ll quit
Because they want to buy this Senate seat
And that is how they’ll get away with it

So if you think this sonnet’s lame, that’s true
But, hey, at least it isn’t a haiku


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1 Response to A Sonnet! from Senator Al Franken

  1. Earl says:

    Well, Al won and I’m happy…

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