A Good Day for the Cat

Hi everybody, it’s Sagan here. Today was such a beautiful day! I got to sit in the garden for as long as I wanted, then I came inside and took a nap on the big bed with my person! Then I came inside and there were treats and the other cat who lives here, Moe, had to be outside!!! I was so glad! I didn’t have to worry about him eating from my dish, playing with my new catnip cigar, or jumping on me. Tonight we are going to relax and read. I always sit with Mary when she reads in our chair.

Here are a couple photos of me out there today. I sat in the sun for an hour or so. Then I got too hot, so I sat in the shade on top of the silver mound (Artemesia, my person calls it) that I love to smell and nestle into. It’s sort of like catnip. It makes me feel all funny inside.

Me in the Sun

Me in the Sun



Me Relaxing with the Silver Mound Plant (see me? I’m way over on the left!)

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