Keep your religion out of my uterus — AND MY EGG CARTON

For various stupid reasons, I bought a dozen eggs at a different grocery store yesterday, a store I don’t usually shop in. I dashed home to cook eggs, fried potatoes, and black beans for Hubby and me for supper. When it was time to scramble the eggs, I opened up the egg carton, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a bible verse on the inner lid of the egg carton—that’s right, some crazy person trying to impose his values on me while I’m minding my own business, innocently cooking a meal in my privately-owned, religion-free kitchen.

Note that I am not showing you a photo of the bible verse or the egg carton.

I promptly cracked 4 eggs into the frying pan, and before scrambling them up, I transferred the remaining 8 eggs into the plain old, Non-Proselytizing Egg Carton I had sitting around waiting to be recycled. Then I placed the Religious Fanatic Egg Carton in the recycling bin.

I will not buy that brand of eggs again, and I think anyone who is fanatical enough to print a bible verse in an egg carton is not only deranged, not only desperate, not only a doubter, but just pathetic. Stay away from me, weirdo. Keep your religion out of my egg carton.


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One Response to Keep your religion out of my uterus — AND MY EGG CARTON

  1. Earl says:

    Freedom of religion is an alien concept to those proselytizing children. I see them as I see the people complaining that the movie “Noah” isn’t an accurate depiction their happyfunstorytime bible.

    Freedom of religion has to include freedom from religion or the whole thing is worthless…

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