Lindsay Graham’s NeoCon Wacko Challenger: Jeers to Lee Bright

David Weigel’s article yesterday at provides a small, terrifying demonstration of the fundamental right’s profound misunderstanding of the purpose of democracy and the history of capitalism.

In South Carolina, United States Senator Lindsay Graham, himself notably conservative, is being challenged by a neocon freak who holds a State Senate seat back home, Lee Bright. Bright’s website invites you:  “Want a conservative alternative to Lindsay Graham?” (No, I don’t. How about a liberal one?) Bright characterizes income tax as a burden placed onto the rich by the jealous poor, and further reveals his ignorance of the very nature of capitalism:

This entitlement to other people’s property because you want their stuff is just wrong. And I think most of our problems in our country are spiritual problems, but there again it is about liberty. [author’s note:  huh?] And liberty is just the right to keep what is yours. And when you raise taxes and put that burden on people you take away their freedom. And what they do is that is how they control us, with that tax code. 

Next time you don’t understand something, just come back to the wholly gobsmacking and embarrassingly witless idea that “liberty is just the right to keep what’s yours.” (Born with a silver spoon in our mouth, were we?) You’ll feel a lot better about yourself when you realize there are far dumber people in the world than you. The scary thing is, they also want to represent others in the United States Senate.

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