Introvert by Night: A New Name for My Blog

I started this blog in 2009, in the depths of the Great Recession, when I had a good job, and great colleagues, and way too much time on my hands at work. I couldn’t seem to beg more work out of my employer, so I started this blog in my numerous, otherwise empty spare hours at my desk job. I titled the blog “Finding My Feet” because I knew I needed to find another job, but what did I want to do? What was I good at? How was I going to find a job when the national employment outlook was hideous? I spent a lot of time thinking about it.

I never found out, really. But in those empty hours, I wrote about my job, past jobs, and dumb things that had happened to me in the workplace. It was good therapy and a fun way to spend the time. So then I started writing about stuff I enjoyed—gardening, reading, funny stories, politics (when I couldn’t hold it in), my cats, famous poems.

A few months after starting “Finding My Feet,” I found a new job and I have been there ever since. It’s not perfect, and our senior managers are a bunch of dummies, but I am busy every second of the day and I like the work that I do. My peers are mostly a good bunch and we do laugh sometimes (often at the silly managers). I’m in sales, so I wear my extrovert’s hat to work every day. But I’m an introvert in Real Life, so when I get home at night, I cuddle up with my cats and we escape into books. Sometimes I enjoy this part of my life so much, that my day-to-day working life seems like something I just putz with on the side, and my books are my real life.

I’m not trying to find my feet anymore. I’m still searching for many things, but I do accept that I’ll never understand most of the mysteries in this world. Somehow over the last 4 years I’ve become a better extrovert during the day and more deliciously greedy with my introversion at home. I’ve got somewhat of a balance—not every day, but more than I used to. I suppose that’s why I’m changing my blog’s name to a more fitting “Introvert by Night.”

Hmmmm. Should “by” be capitalized?

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2 Responses to Introvert by Night: A New Name for My Blog

  1. Earl says:

    You would be the only one that can answer the capitalization question and you know that…

  2. Alyssa says:

    Great name change. (And “by” is not capitalized.)

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