The Unadoptable Cat

A few years ago, we adopted an “unadoptable” cat from the local Humane Society. Because he was an antisocial adult and no had ever really touched him, he was considered unadoptable, so he was given to us at no charge. He had been neutered (thus, I suppose I must admit he had been touched), but he was WILD. He’d lived in a barn until he was a young adult and never been around people. Someone “rescued” this wild cat from his home outdoors, and put him in a cage at the Humane Society. Nice, huh.

Anyway, we got him home and we literally didn’t touch him for a year and a half. But we finally made friends with him, he now thinks Hubby is his dad, he loves to play, and he purrs when I get up in the morning to feed him and pet him. Wonderfully, the Humane Society was wrong. This cat was adoptable. Here he is tonight, 5 years after he first came to live with us:

Moe II

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1 Response to The Unadoptable Cat

  1. katieflemingmft says:

    Blessings to you and your family for showing compassion, patience, and love to this “unadoptable cat”!

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