How to Keep Birds Away From Your Raspberries, Part II

The next summer (last year), I tried to solve the problem by draping netting over the plants. It worked to an extent, but what a pain it turned into. The netting sticks to the plants, gets twisted up in itself, isn’t really re-usable because it doesn’t just fold up nicely for the next year, and it rips when you try to unstick it from itself or the tops of prickly raspberry bushes .  .  . ugh.

But I’m married to a teacher with his summers off. This spring I asked him if he could build me a raspberry house—actually, two houses, since I have two raspberry patches. We bought some metal posts and a small warehouse’s supply of chicken wire, and together we built our raspberry houses. There was a wee bit of swearing, and chicken wire is not kind to human hands, even protected with gloves, but this year, the birds did NOT eat my berries:

raspberry house I

raspberry house II

Best of all, I got quite a lot of raspberries this year. And yes, they really do taste better than the ones in the store.

raspberry house III

What remains to be seen is how our wire houses fare during a long Minnesota winter. I have a feeling we may have some more swearing ahead of us out there next spring. Stay tuned. I’ll let you know next May or so.

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