A Sow’s Ear from the Old Granary

Early this spring, I saw an upcycled window pane at an antique shop, and despite my disgust over the price ($85), I almost accidentally bought it. It had been rescued from an old house, and the owner had sanded off the old paint and re-finished the thick wood, then replaced the panes of glass so they would serve as “frames” in which to hang photos.

I drove home and wailed to Hubby about it. We live in a really old house!, I said, why do we have to have all these dumb new plastic windows?! They’re crap! I want an old window that I can salvage and hang on the wall!

A few days later, an old window was sitting on the kitchen table when I got home from work. It was covered in dirt, cobwebs, more dirt, and various types of turds dropped from wild critters through the years. Two of the four glass panes were cracked, and the other two were half white from being carelessly whitewashed along with the frame. Hubby had been looking for a tool in our old granary, and found this old window sitting in the corner with some old lumber that we “inherited” from the previous owners.

I cleaned it off, removed all the glass, scraped & sanded it, then primed & painted it, and now it’s in my kitchen:


window II
I wish I knew how long this window sat out in the granary. If I would have found it a year ago, I would have told Hubby to throw it away. Now I can enjoy a new decoration that didn’t cost me anything to fix up—even the can of light blue paint was collecting dust in the basement. In few years, when I’m sick of it, maybe I’ll sell it for $85!

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