A Note to All Cats With a Garden in their Backyard

Hi, I’m Sagan, and my person doesn’t know I’m writing this on her blog. I’m her orange cat (she calls me her orange friend). I’m named for the great Carl Sagan. I mostly use the computer when my person isn’t home—well, I mean, in between naps, window hunting, snacks, playing in my peach crate, visiting with my friend Huckleberry (our person calls him her fuzzy friend) and watching “Big Cat Diary” (my favorite show) on the BBC.

I’m 16 and I love living in the country because we can go outside whenever we want. When I was younger, we lived in a little apartment in a town, and my brother and I would race up and down the hallways of the apartment complex. We made friends with all the people in our building. We were afraid to go outside; we were scared of the green grass, and we had never even seen the Big Sky. A couple of city cats, we were! Now we live in an Old House and sometimes there are even mice in the walls!

When I was a younger cat, I would wander all over our couple of acres, and I had a few favorite spots where I’d hunt and chill out. In the evenings, I’d chase grasshoppers and fireflies until I was exhausted. I caught a lot of moles and mice, too, and some birds, although that made our person’s husband mad, because he LIKES what he calls the “songbirds.” (They are BIRDS! They are meant to be killed and eaten!)

Now that I’m older and mellower, I usually just slowly strut outside, remembering to be the cool cat that I am, then I munch on some nice, sweet crabgrass . . . then I throw up, look around the garden a little, roll myself on the cement slab in front of the driveway (it’s warm from the sun and feels wonderful on my back), then just sit on the back step and observe my kingdom. I like my life, except when I’m hungry or when Huckleberry and I have to be home alone without our person.

But I almost forgot the reason that I sneaked in this blog entry. It’s to tell you about my favorite plant, artemisia schmidtiana or, as we call it at our house, silver mound. It’s a really pretty little plant that doesn’t get any flowers or anything. It just kind of sits there all summer, and by autumn, it’s kind of ragged. But the reason I love it is easy:


I swear to you, it’s even better than fresh catnip from the garden!

If you’re a cat reading this post, see if your person has a silver mound in the garden, and take a look at it. I love to hang out by this plant. Here I am by it—notice the nice plant and the handsome cat (ahem) standing on top of it:

sagan silver mound I

I usually walk around it a few times to get warmed up, then (still maintaining my cool) I just bury my whole face in it and catch a great, natural buzz:

sagan silver mound II

So my message to you, all you house cats out there, is this:

Forget the catnip, dudes and dudettes. Silver Mound is even better!

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