Snowstorm in May

May 2, 2013:  We woke up to a power outage and a foot of snow on the ground. By noon, about 15″ had fallen, with everything outside looking pretty shocked. Here’s my best lilac bush, which had buds and which was preparing to blossom in couple of weeks:


Three days later, May 5, 2013:  The snow is melting quickly. It is already 43 degrees Fahrenheit today. Hubby tried to help the lilac bush by knocking off most of the snow that weighed it down, and it appears surprisingly resilient thus far. Here it is today (below).

lilac II

I showed these photos to a girlfriend and she said, “do you use the black & white feature on your camera very often?” I laughed. This is the backyard at our house in full color on May 5.

We need a little Cinco de Mayo to brighten things up. Fresh strawberries from California are waiting in the fridge, and kiwi from Italy. Good god . . . my next post should probably be about local food. Clearly my shopping habits are not helping to moderate the effects of climate change in Minnesota.

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