But I Don’t WANT to Save the Date!

I guess I’m a bit of a skeptic, and admittedly I hoard my time at home. I’m a homebody, OK? And an introvert. And yes, a misanthrope, and all I really would like to do all day, every day, is to sit in my easy chair with a cat in my lap and read books. Probably because of my propensity to have as much peace & quiet on the weekends as I can, I am completely gobsmacked by the egotism of young couples in 2013 who mail “SAVE THE DATE” postcards, 7 or 8 months before their wedding, so that no one can dare schedule anything else during that precious day without having been told ahead of time, “You knew our wedding date was July 13!”

Case in point:  Hubby’s cousin is getting married on July 13. In January, we got a cutesy postcard in the mail with several cutesy photos of the couple, smiling happily, with a note, “SAVE THE DATE! 7/13/13!”

My agonized response?


I don’t want to give up a weekend to drive to this stupid wedding and back! I don’t want to pay for a hotel and gas and meals and buy a gift and hang out with Hubby’s relatives for an entire weekend of my short, precious Minnesota summer.

The groom is also a religious nut, which also turns me off.

Well, anyway, I have to face it . . .  they got me. I have to save the date because it’s Hubby’s family and we have to go. If I wouldn’t have known about the damn JULY wedding date in JANUARY, I might have been able to get something on my schedule by the time the invitations rolled around.

Brides and Grooms, listen to me. You are not the center of the universe. Not everyone you know really wants to attend your wedding. Some people are, in fact, hoping that you forget to invite them. When you ask people to “save the date” 7 months ahead of time, they feel obliged, trapped into coming to your wedding. But hey, at least you’ll get a lot of presents, which is what getting married is really all about.

Again, the skeptic in me speaking, but it seems like that’s what your “save the date” card is all about, too.

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