Crimes of Ignorance

I’ve always thought thugs like the Boston bombers should officially be labeled “ignoramuses” and their offenses, “crimes of ignorance.” These are not merely hateful people who commit hate crimes; they have an extreme, learned narcissism that makes them ignorant of anyone’s needs but their own.

Setting down your little backpack of homemade bombs at the Boston Marathon is stupid, hateful, some would say insane . . . but worst of all, it’s IGNORANT. If these idiots knew they would just be labeled and dismissed as ignorant people, maybe they wouldn’t be so impressed with themselves. Ignorant loser assholes.  Common everyday thugs with an extra dash of ignorance. And that’s all I have to say about the Boston Marathon bombers.

–Oh, and that I wish I were religious so I could believe in hell for people like that.


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