Catholics, Facebook, Ash Wednesday, and a Cat

I am killing time in a hotel room tonight, so I figured I had time to visit Facebook. What a mistake! It’s Ash Wednesday, made clear by the assholes who posted their photos on Facebook with ashes on their greasy foreheads, who made a point to remind us all they went to Mass today, who said they ate the TUNA sandwich at Subway today, who said “Aren’t I virtuous, I’m giving up Facebook for Lent!” (Yes, a Facebook friend of mine is actually giving up Facebook for Lent, and she let us all know. WHAT A FREAK!)

Morons, all of them. I mean, c’mon. Is having a tuna sandwich or giving up Facebook for 6 weeks really what Jesus had in mind? Recover already. There is joy after Catholicism. Here’s a cat to amuse all you recovering Catholics:


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