Today’s Good Things


We have Clausen Dills in the fridge.

I have a 3-day weekend coming up.


Only 62 days left till spring!

first signs of spring

Tonight when I got home from work, I put some old bread outside for the birds so they could eat it tomorrow morning, but a cute little possum found it right away and munched away on a delicious dinner in my front yard. I made his day!

Admit it, there's something really cute about possums.

Admit it, there’s something really cute about possums.

A funny thing happened when I was looking for a photo of a possum, too—I ran across this photo from (could it be real?):

possum 2

Finally, I was cleaning off my desktop and found this awesome photo our black & white cat, Moe, who hates to get his photo taken, and who is half wild, so this photo depicts him perfectly:


And it’s only 6:22 so I have almost 4 hours left of my day before I have to go to bed. What a good mood I’m in when I skip the gym!


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