Thanks, Apple Morons

Yip! Just trying to sync my iPod. Instead, Apple erased all the materials on my iPod for the third time, and now I can’t get anything back on it. Can’t restore. My iPod is “corrupt” (hardly ever use it). I have a not-a-year-old iPod Classic and 2-year-old PC. I just had 1800 songs on my iPod; now I have none, and no tech support of any help, either.  

Goodbye, Apple.

iPod: Cannot restore or update in iTunes with error 1415, 1417, 1418, 1428, 1429, 1430, 1436, or 1439

Products Affected

iPod, iPod classic, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iTunes 10, iTunes 7 for Mac, iTunes 7 for Windows, iTunes 8 for Mac, iTunes 8 for Windows, iTunes 9


When restoring or updating an iPod in iTunes, you may see a dialog reporting “An unknown error has occurred” followed by the error number 1415, 1417, 1418, 1428, 1429, 1430, 1436, or 1439.

If you are using an iOS device such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, please refer to this article instead.


Note: If you have an iPod shuffle you may need to use the iPod Reset Utility to restore the iPod. If you are not sure which iPod you have, see Identifying iPod models.

To troubleshoot this issue, try the following solutions in this order:
1.Disconnect and reconnect your iPod to iTunes, and then attempt to restore or update the iPod again.
2.Restart your computer and then attempt to restore or update the iPod again.
3.Try connecting your iPod to a different USB port, and then attempt to restore or update the iPod again. Connecting to a USB 2.0 port is recommended. For Windows computers, refer to Identifying USB 2.0 ports on your computer for instructions.
4.Remove any USB devices not manufactured by Apple that you have connected to your computer (it is not necessary to remove your keyboard or mouse). Then, attempt to restore or update the iPod again.
5.Update to the latest version of iTunes, and then attempt to restore or update the iPod again.
6.Try to restore or update the iPod again using a different user account for your computer. For example, create a new test user account on the computer with admin rights, and with iTunes installed, try to restore/update the iPod. For instructions on how to do this, follow steps under the heading “Restore using a new user account” in this article.
7.Try disabling Disk Use on your iPod and attempt to restore or update the iPod again. If that doesn’t work, try enabling Disk Use on your iPod and attempt to restore/update. Refer to Putting iPod into Disk Mode for instructions.
8.If using a Windows PC to restore or update your iPod, try to reregister “.dll” files as described under “Solution 1” in iTunes displays -50 error message when syncing iPod on Windows XP
9.If using a Windows PC, try to update or reinstall your Windows USB drivers, referring to the section titled “iPod only: Updating, or in some cases reinstalling, the drivers for your computer’s USB interface may resolve this issue.”

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4 Responses to Thanks, Apple Morons

  1. Earl says:

    I can only offer my sympathies at this point.

    Had you asked earlier, I would have discouraged you from having anything apple-related…

  2. MIke says:

    It’s called “Planned obsolescence”. It’s meant to fail right about the time the warranty expires. My brother bought the ipod shuffle and I, the zen stone in 2007. His ipod stopped working after a little more than a year. The shuffle is still going strong after 5 years. Best thing is that you don’t need crappy itunes, no syncing required, or updates – just drag and drop files and enjoy.

    • clockwatcher23 says:

      Hi Mike, thanks for the feedback. Did you mean to say that your Zen Stone is still going strong? Or the Shuffle? Please tell me. I’m certainly not going to buy another Apple product, but am looking around for something else. (Anything else.) Thanks.

      • Mike says:

        Sorry, I meant the zen stone which is still working after 5 years. Sadly they stopped making it. I would try the Sansa Clip+.

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