One-of-a-Kind Tree Ornaments with a Theme . . . Winter Solstice?

This year I decided to decorate my Christmas tree with Stuff From Outside. This is a broad definition, flexible and inclusive of anything I can come up with, because there’s not much outside right now that’s not brown, dormant, or just dead. It’s Minnesota, but we are not even close to having a White Christmas yet; it was 50 degrees today.

We always cut our own tree at a nearby tree farm and we haven’t done that yet, so I’ve been working on my ornaments instead. Here’s what I have so far. First, I filled an old glass bulb with some tiny seashells I collected in Barbados in 2008 (and that have been sitting in a drawer for 4-1/2 years):

shell ornament
Next, I clipped some ends off a beautiful little plant/weed that I have in my garden, that no one has ever been able to identify, and stuffed that in another clear bulb:

mossy ornament

Then I remembered a rock that I found once in Lake Superior. I’ve been thinking I’d make a necklace of it someday, but it makes a good ornament, too:

rock ornament

I’d like to show you a close-up of this rock, by the way. It really is gorgeous, too beautiful for anyone to have actually made. Only the natural world in all its genius could have come up with something this perfect:

rock up close
I also picked up a few turkey feathers and pinecones from near my parents’ house, and some funny seed-like things from a park in town, so I have a little more “work” to do.

I’ve been thinking, maybe I could call these my solstice decorations. I’m not a believer in the whole “immaculate conception/born of a virgin/son of God/wise men came to visit” saga (I mean, come on), but my tree will honor nature, something accessible and believable. Even God would have to approve of that.

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