If I Were a Silver Lace Vine

In the spring of 2011 I planted a little stick that was supposed to turn into some pretty white vine. It grew a lot, but last year we had an early freeze, so I didn’t get any blossoms at all.

This year the vine grew some more, but we had such a hot and mosquitoey summer that I didn’t really tend it the way I should have. It went haywire all over my garden, growing over and around a big old maple tree stump. The good news for this year is, I got blossoms! And this “silver lace vine,” as it’s called, really does look like silver lace:

View from the east

View from the west

If I were a silver lace vine, I’d want the person responsible for planting me to give me a nice arbor to grow on so I look extra pretty and welcoming. So that’s what this person will do next year. Something fun to think about during the long Minnesota winter.

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