A Note to Ann Romney

Dear Ann,

Congratulations on your speech at the RNC the other night. You did it.

I suspect you don’t like giving speeches. I suspect you’d prefer to be married to a rich guy with off-shore accounts who’s living off the interest he earns from his investments, rather than a rich guy with off-shore accounts who’s living off the interest he earns from his investments AND who is running for President of the United States. And, I can’t blame you.

You are an OK speech giver. You’re not fantastic, but you did what you were supposed to do. Your speechwriters aren’t brilliant, but you got through it with a smile on your face, and you held onto your plastered-on enthusiasm. More important, you seem like a very sweet, kind person who loves her husband and sons and grandchildren, and wants to see them all succeed. Isn’t loving your family about the most important thing in life, if not the only important thing? You clearly GET this, and you live it.

I will not vote for your husband because I don’t really agree with him about—well, about anything that he professes to believe these days. In fact, my real problem with your hubby lies in the fact that he seems to have sold out through the years. He used to be a true moderate, imagine that! But somewhere along the line, he became an extreme conservative, or at least started using extremely conservative language. In a way, I’m sorry for him. He might have been a moderate leader and seemed more like himself. The way the Republican party is now, though, forces him to confess extremism. (Just look at the running mate he chose . . . WOW!)

Yes, I think Mitt Romney would make an excellent moderate. But then liberals like me still wouldn’t vote for him, and the right wing would shun him, so where would he be? (On permanent vacation in Tahiti, maybe? Or a villa in Spain? Italy? Greece? These are all do-able options for the Romneys.)

Anyway, Ann, never mind your hubby. Whatever! I like you. You’re tough and smart, and I wouldn’t doubt that you call a lot of the shots at your house. I also think you’re super great because you look like a real woman—someone would have to work hard to convince me you’ve had any plastic surgery, if maybe just a bit of Botox. You’re not trying to be someone you’re not. As I look back at the last RNC, in 2008, I realize you’re the antithesis of Sarah Palin, and I don’t just mean in regard to Botox. You will not be someone else in order to win. I suspect you couldn’t be someone else if you tried. And that’s good with me.

Although I think your hubby is a fink, you would probably make a damn good First Lady. Frankly, I suspect you might be a better President than Mitt would be. You’re all right in my book. Cheers to you, Ann Romney.

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