My Life’s Work in the Raspberry Patch

I planted raspberries in the spring of 2011. Here’s the biggest crop I’ve gotten in a singular day, since then:

It’s admittedly pathetic, but do I anticipate having a great crop next year. And I have indeed been able to harvest about 5 or 6 raspberries per day for about a month now, a slow trickle of goodies. But the weather has been largely hot and dry, and I haven’t watered like I should, althought I’ve spent millions of hours weeding, as if that would make up for plants not having enough water. HA! My tomato crop is way, way down, too.

I’ve watered daily, now, for about the last week. Today it was 99.7 degrees in Minnesota when I got home from work, so I’ll keep watering and try to save the plants so they’ll have a chance again next year.

My consolation with a small crop, is that a friend at work has about as many raspberry plants as I do, and most years she’s overflowing with berries and can’t find enough things to do with them. But even she did not get many raspberries this year. (Yes!) So it’s not my fault, you see. It’s just not my fault.

On a vaguely related note . . . I am listening to the ABC News while typing this. The top story was the drought in the United States, and now the rain that Hurricane Isaac will deliver—possibly 1-2 feet in the next couple of days. ABC interviewed a poor farmer down in the project rain area, who has 3,000 acres of soybeans and 3,000 acres of cotton. And he’s upset because (of course) he’s not going to get much of a crop this year. To which I yell at the TV:  YOU OWN SIX THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND! Suck it up!

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