A Note on Hurricanes and Dumb People

OK, so another hurricane has hit the Gulf. Surprise, surprise. Here’s what irks me about it:

1) The people in the middle of Hurricane Isaac who called 911 to be rescued from their roofs, attics, etc. My question for them:  WHY DID YOU STAY HOME?!

2) Those people’s responses to why they didn’t stay home:

a) “I didn’t think this would happen” (despite all weather forecasts showing the storm was headed directly at this area, despite the orders to evacuate; and despite the fact that many of them already experienced Katrina a few years ago. It’s hard not to say DUH.)

b) “I didn’t have nowhere to go” (despite the fact that thousands of people evacuated to shelters that were set up specifically for hurricane victims);

and the stupidest excuse for not leaving home before the hurricane hit:

c) “This is my home.” (What can I say? If your house is burning down, do you stay in it because it’s your home? If there’s an ax murderer lurking in your house, do you stay there because this is your home?)

3) Now emergency personnel and law enforcement officers have to risk their own lives and safety to rescue these dumbos who refused to leave.

I can say with almost complete certainty that if a hurricane were headed toward my house, I’d pack up Hubby and cats, and leave. I can’t imagine what universe I’d have to live in, to not evacuate my home when I’m told I’ll be in serious danger there.

Finally, I would also like to ask why Jesus wouldn’t save this building and tree below. Could it be that he’s not really looking out for us?

Where’s Jesus when you need him?

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