How to Prevent Birds from Eating (Some of) Your Raspberries

I planted a bunch of raspberry plants in the spring of 2011. Then I planted a bunch more this spring, 2012. This summer, when my plants from last year started forming berries, I grinned smugly when walking past the raspberries at the supermarket. I am growing my own, sorry!

But as soon as the berries ripened, and not a moment before or after, our birds ate the berries. I realized I’d never had a chance! I work all day in an office, while the birds have nothing to do except check my garden every 5 minutes to see if the raspberries are ready to eat, and when they’re finally ripe, they eat them!

This really, really pissed me off.

So I went to the store and found some inexpensive netting to drape over the plants. When I walked up to the checkout counter, the clerk goodnaturedly said, “birds eating your raspberries?” She said I was the millionth customer buying netting that weekend.

I drove home, stuck some stakes in the ground, and draped the netting over the stakes, like here in the north part of my garden:




As homely and downright desperate-looking as this “solution” appears, I now get a few raspberries every day. My harvest isn’t as fruitful as I’d hoped, but a late & serious frost froze all my plants in the spring, and we’ve had a hot, dry summer since then. And unfotunately I am not all that committed to watering plants regularly. The netting is awkward to use and it will be no fun at all to remove it from the plants when they’re done with the season—or should I just leave it on and worry about it next spring? Who knows. I’ll post an update sometime. Meanwhile, I welcome suggestions.

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