My Favorite Flower, Every Year

Every spring I buy a chenille plant from a greenhouse in a nearby town. I’ve never been able to find one anywhere else, and one year they were sold out of chenilles by the time I arrived at the end of May. I asked about it and learned this greenhouse only grows a few every year! Since then, I try to get to that greenhouse in the first or second week that it’s open, so that no one else walks off with “my” chenille.

I love the unique blossoms’ shape, color, and texture. I especially appreciate that I don’t really need to do anything to this plant except give it water on dry days. It’s not high-maintenance; it’s just pretty. I googled the plant and found out it’s a perennial in its native land (the tropics), and that it will grow to be 5 feet high in the right conditions! The flowers are not seeds, however, so to grow my own plant I’d have to start from a trimming. It’s a thought. Something to do during the long Minnesota winter?

I also learned another name for the plant is the Red-Hot Cattail, which of course my own cats loved. Here’s a photo of this June’s blossoms:

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