The Most Annoying Moment of My Day

I went to the gym after work and got some exercise. On my way home, I had to drive past our local Lowe’s store, and naturally someone pulled right out in front of me going extremely slowly.

Worse yet, it was a Hummer, with its tailgate wide open, with a big long board sticking out the back. He just HAD to pull out in front of me in my little Toyota Yaris, apparently because he’s so important he didn’t need to look in my direction, or because he’s big and I’m small. I can imagine what this boor was thinking:


If the selfish driver would have been willing to prop the board up against the back of the seat, the board would have fit in the stinking vehicle and he wouldn’t have had to drive 3 mph through town so the board wouldn’t fall out, thus preventing me from driving through town at a normal speed.

But this guy loves his Hummer so he kept the tailgate wide open, drove slowly so I couldn’t get home on a Friday after work, and polluted the atmosphere with his gas guzzler all at the same time.

He’s so important that he owns a Hummer, but it’s still not big enough to transport a BOARD. What an idiot! I hope he has a lousy evening! I hope his board is the wrong size and that he forgot nails and can’t find his tools and has to go back to Lowe’s. And I hope he runs out of gas on the way home again, too, and gets a flat tire and then gets mugged.

I have known 3 people who drive Hummers and they have all been self-centered egomaniacs.

Now that I got that off my chest . . . . here’s to a peaceful Friday evening. Have a good weekend, everyone. Unless you drive a Hummer.

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