From Zero to Yellow in Three Days

We’ve had a wacky winter (summerlike) and spring (winterlike) here in Minnesota. Along with most of the people, my flower garden has been very confused. When it was 70 degrees in March, my garden thought spring was here, so everything happily popped out of the ground. Then April came, and it’s freezing or snowing every night. All the flowers are confused, and a lot of greenery has frozen to a crisp. (I’m not the type to throw blankets over my plants at night to prevent them from freezing. Let’s not pretend I’m in charge.)

So, with half my garden frozen and most of the rest of it in limbo, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my dwarf irises blossomed bright and yellow today. I’ve always loved this plant, which I inherited from the woman who started my garden before I lived here. The iris “leaves” and blossoms are between 4″ and 5″ high, and the blossoms usually only last about 3 good days:

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