That’s One Stubborn (Or Optimistic) Little Tulip

It’s tulip time in Minnesota. This means that it’s also spring cleanup time at our house. Many of the trees we have in our little grove are boxelders, which is Latin for “big weeds.” Boxelders are anything but hardy trees; with a bit of wind and ice, we get tons of sticks and branches littering the area, and they make a horrible mess. So, we (OK, mostly hubby) pick up all the brush, branches, sticks, etc. and toss them into a pile, way on the edge of our property out by the alfalfa field, to be burned someday when it isn’t so windy, which will probably be about mid-May.

This afternoon I walked past this spring’s brush pile and noticed that a lone tulip was blooming in front of it. I have some tulips in my garden, but the garden is a good 60 or 70 yards from the brush pile. Maybe a squirrel dug up a bulb from my garden and buried it? Many flowers have seeds that could have ended up out there, but tulips need bulbs to start. So this tulip was a nice little surprise:

Happy Spring!

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