A Fun Day for My Babies

In mid-February 2011, we had several feet of snow on the ground, and my three cats, who enjoy being outdoors in the country during the summer, had cabin fever. So I planted some grass from a little kit and, about a week later, handed them a little jar of earth and grass. They loved it!

This first photo is of Sagan (orange) and Huckleberry (fuzzy) trying it out. Huckleberry can be somewhat “entitled” (read:  rude) so I placed the grass on a little stand that Sagan could reach, then Huck would have to “work” to get at the treat while Sagan at least got a taste before Huck monopolized the entire thing:

Even Stewart, 14, who had kidney disease and was not very interested in food at that time (and who passed away a few months later, and whom I still miss terribly), was curious and nipped at the grass. Here he is, seeming to enjoy watching his hungry brother munch away:

I do love spoiling my babies. Cats are such perfect companions.

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