Pottery from Czech Republic

A couple months ago I decided to blog about the miscellaneous and beloved pieces of pottery that I’ve collected these last few years. But then I only got around to posting one piece, so far. So here’s another. This little bowl may be the one piece of pottery I’d save if I had to throw the rest away. Yep, it’s probably my favorite little piece of pottery.

I bought this little bowl on a gray, blustery, rainy day in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic in 2007. My mom and I took a tour with about a dozen other Americans, and our tour group split up for a few hours. My mom headed to St. Barbara’s Cathedral:

I went to the cathedral later, but for about an hour, I had Kutna Hora to myself! It was lunchtime so I munched on some crackers in my backpack, and started walking. Then it started raining, hard, so I ducked into a small shop with pottery. The shop owner was on her way to lunch, which meant she usually locked the store at this time, but she stayed open for me because it was raining and I had noplace to go. What a nice lady!

She didn’t have to treat me well at all in order for me to fall in love with this little bowl:

It was really perfect for me because I loved the colors, I love cats, and it was a nice small bowl that I knew I could fit into my suitcase on the way home. I hurriedly bought it so that the artist could leave for lunch, and so that I wouldn’t change my mind about buying it.

Kutna Hora is a gorgeous and historical Czech town. I’ll write about it again sometime. Here’s a hint about something else that’s there:

For the time being, let me just say that an “ossuary” doesn’t have anything to do with birds.

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One Response to Pottery from Czech Republic

  1. Alyssa says:

    Oh, I love that bowl! It’s beautiful. Glad you didn’t resist it.

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