Outside St. Stephen’s Cathedral

I ran across this photo today of a moment in time in front of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. Summer 2004. Just wanted to share it.

Seeing my old photos really makes me want to get back there. Here’s a beautiful shot (for me, anyway) of an area inside the cathedral:

We also went to see some crypts in this cathedral. A whole gob of Hapsburgs are buried there from through the centuries:

Finally, I remember this engraving on a crypt—ashes to ashes and all that. I suppose it’s perfect for the season of Lent, since so many people seem to need reminding where we’re going pretty soon:

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2 Responses to Outside St. Stephen’s Cathedral

  1. Alyssa says:

    Beautiful photos! Love the first two especially.

  2. Brant Fedorko says:

    I really love poetry, Poetry helps me express my own feelings. I usually write my own poetry in a scratch paper and a small notebook. *”.”.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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