Traveling for Work

I am out of town for work for two days, at a tradeshow.  For the next two days, I will pretend I am happy to stand on my feet for 9 hours at a stretch and talk to strangers about products and services that offer value, but that I don’t exactly feel passion for.

(Let’s face it, I work for a paycheck.)

There are a few things I like about my occasional travels for work:  1) I get “Me Time” in my hotel room; 2) I get to eat out (i.e., I don’t have to cook); and 3) I buy expensive coffee-shop coffee several mornings in a row with my company credit card—coffee on which I would otherwise never spend $3 or $4 for one cup! My stingy employer doesn’t spring for much, but who can blame a salesperson who needs a good cup of coffee in the morning?

Unfortunately, the Me Time away from my responsibilities at home are almost completely counterbalanced by the fact that I miss my cats terribly when I’m away. I miss Hubby, too, but he doesn’t need me like my babies need me. They see me pack my suitcase, and they look at me as if I’m betraying them. I tell them I’ll be home in a couple of days, but I’m not sure they understand, especially Mr. Orange, because they look so sad. It makes me a little sick to think about it.

On the other hand, I like the quiet time of a hotel (the TV is never on in my hotel room, unlike the TV in my living room at home, which Hubby loves), and sometimes I order room service at night, which is, to me, the most luxurious thing a person can do. I usually get a meal AND dessert! (Do I need more of a social life, huh?)

Usually on a business trip, which is only 2-3 days long for me, I bring along workout shorts, t-shirt, sports bra, workout socks and running shoes, iPod, and my knee straps (to keep the 42-year-old kneecaps tracking well), plus a sweatshirt and sweatpants to wear in the public places of the hotel (see!? working out requires preparation). Then, I only exercise 1 of 2 nights, or 2 of 3, that I’m staying at the hotel. I can’t be sure how this happens, when I have the best of intentions and have clearly taken the trouble to throw all the right things in my suitcase. If only I could toss in a dose of motivation, too.

(Sigh. Dig slippered feet deeper into hotel bed comforter, close eyes, and think about kitties at home with Hubby. It’s 7 PM and I have my pajamas on already.)

So, I’m having a few moments of Peace here in my hotel room. Despite the somewhat busy city 8 stories below my hotel window, it is quiet here. I think I’ll crank the heat to 70 degrees, then start casually perusing the Room Service menu.

The sports bra and running shoes will have to relax until tomorrow. If they are clammering to be used tonight, I can’t hear them.

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