Something GOOD About the Good Old Days

Last fall I bought a used book that had once been a library book. Glued firmly to the back inside cover of the book was a neat old card (see below). I don’t visit many used bookstores, and I get most of my books these days at the library, where I just scan the barcode. So I don’t see many of these cards anymore. But I do remember checking out books this way, at least well into the 1980s, and every now and then I’d run across the signature of someone I knew, who’d also checked out that book. What fun!

I suppose librarians tried to decipher illegible names millions of times prior to electronic checkout. The antiquated appearance of a check-out card makes it seem like we used these cards hundreds of years ago. But look, it appears this one was still being used as late as 2004!

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2 Responses to Something GOOD About the Good Old Days

  1. I still remember those days! I kind of miss it.

  2. Alyssa says:

    Wow, this brings back memories for me too. Lots of good memories about checking out books.

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