Pottery I Love, from Jamaica

Although I do cat voices very well (and credibly, if you ask me), I possess no other artistic skills. I do admire others’ work, though, especially pottery. Here’s the first in what I hope to be a (short) series on hand-thrown pottery that I own and love. I bought this vase at a little shop in Jamaica, and I love everything about it—the colors, the etchings in the body of the piece, its heaviness when I hold it, the fact that it looks great even when it’s not holding flowers, and also the knowledge that I bought it on my last day in Jamaica when I visited the little country in 2004—I was headed home, which is my favorite place to be!

I didn’t meet the potter, and the clerk knew nothing else about it except that it was the only one in the shop. “Jamaica” is scratched onto the bottom of the vase, plus a potter’s signature that I can’t read. It really is a sweet little piece and I enjoy it every day in my kitchen:

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One Response to Pottery I Love, from Jamaica

  1. Alyssa says:

    I love pottery, too. That is a nice piece.

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