Not a Car for Americans

I saw some tiny cars like this in Rome last month. Pretty small, significantly more compact than a Smartcar. Most Americans wouldn’t even fit in the damn thing, not because we are naturally bigger people, but because we are fatter people. This one makes me smile. It makes my little Toyota Yaris look like a Range Rover.

I liked how Italians parked their cars. This driver, for example, fit better by just backing into the spot instead of going through the trouble (and perhaps the impossibility) of parallel parking. It worked pretty well! Other times, Italians park on sidewalks or partially on the sidewalk or in spots where no one really has any business parking. They also double park if they just have to run into their destination for a few minutes. If the person they blocked in comes along and needs to get out, the blocked-in person just honks her horn, and the double parker comes running and moves her car cooperatively. At least, that’s how an Italian described this type of situation to me. Does anyone know if it’s actually true?

Anyway, this guy is pretty small, and probably not too safe (especially on the horrendously chaotic Roman streets), but if you paid US $9 per gallon for gas, you’d probably buy a small, dangerous car, too.

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