Oh, Go Ahead, Grease the Pan

In the last few years I have baked some pretty homely-looking chocolate chip cookies. They never seem quite right. They seem to turn out flat, a little chewy, sometimes annoyingly dark brown & crispy on the bottom . . . yes, they taste good, but why don’t they look like the ones in the pictures?

You know, the Toll House Cookie recipe says to use an ungreased cookie sheet. But tonight, for the first time since my mom let me bake my own cookies about 35 years ago, I greased the pan.

The result? I got perfect cookies. They taste good, and they even look good:

(Now, if only I could learn how to use the camera I’ve owned for three years, and I could avoid coming up with those glares and blurry spots. But for now, I’m going to celebrate tonight’s success with another cookie!)

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