Scenes from Venice

Well, I planned to blog about Rome tonight, but I liked Venice so much, what the hell, I decided to stay there for another post. Here are a few things I learned about Venice:

1) The city is sinking. A lot. More accurately, the waters are rising around Venice. In a while the city will be gone. You can already see it starting to be swallowed up by the sea.

2) No buses, cars, mopeds, or other stupid motorized vehicles in Venice! The only way to get somewhere is to walk or take a boat. What a refreshing realization after four noisy and smelly days of breathing in vehicle fumes in Rome, followed by another three treacherous days of trying to cross the street in Florence.

3) The church photographed in this post, which I wrote before I went to Italy, IS NOT ST. MARK’S BASILICA. It’s some beautiful church that we visited across the water from the famous St. Mark’s, but actually it’s so minor that it wasn’t even on the map!

4) My mom is right; there is a difference between a “vacation” and a “trip.” I’ll write about this some other time. (Our excursion to Italy was a “trip.”)

5) Even in mid-November, Venice is a tourist trap. Sigh. From what I could tell, no one ever finds romance there anymore. There are just too many people.

6) The cost of living in Venice is much higher than most people can afford, so the population there is sinking, sort of like the land itself, except the population is sinking faster. Conversely and stupidly, the city’s property values are going up. It’s as stupid as some things you see here in the United States, like, we are mad at Wall Street because big financial institutions make huge profits while the rest of us suffer, while at the same time, about 50% of our population wants to elect a party into the Presidency that will most certainly reverse regulations on the banking industry that our current administration is trying to uphold, when we are in all this financial mess because there were no regulations in the first place. Aargh! But back to Italy . . . I’ll show you a few photos I like. I’m obviously not a great photographer, but you’ll get the idea.

When I took this first photo, we were on a gondola ride and we happened across another gondolier taking a lunch break that looked so different from my hurry-up-and-run-to-Target-to-buy-toothpaste lunch breaks:

Here’s another view from our gondola:

Typical Venice - water, old buildings, and tourists crossing a bridge

Here’s the famous Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal, replete with graffiti in Italian:

And while I’ll still try to find a photo of the real St. Mark’s Basilica, this last one for today is just a shot of a building I thought was pretty, you know, picturesque, you know, I sort of wanted to remember it later on. Note the guy sticking his face out the window on the far left, as I did when I got home & looked at my photos. You can’t see him very well, but don’t you think he just woke up?

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