Venice and Florence, canals and cats

I returned from my trip to Italy almost 2 weeks ago, but I’ve been too busy to blog about it. I had to go back to work about 12 hours after getting home, and I have had to catch up on sleep, do Thanksgiving stuff, and breathe. There have also been the matters of getting back into the gym, cuddling with my cats, and catching up on my duties as Treasurer of the Humane Society. I must admit, I am also feeling a bit lazy, and tonight I’d rather bake cookies than string together coherent sentences about a trip of a lifetime. So here are a few photos just to get started:

Me in Venice (!)

Here’s another shot my mom took:

Venice, some big church in the background

Last photo of the day, here’s a cat in Florence. What a sweetheart; of course he heard me tiptoeing up to sneak a photo, but he must have known I loved him at first sight and wouldn’t hurt him. He just continued his little nap in the sun, right outside the door of his home:

"C'mon lady, just snap the photo and let me get back to sleep . . . "

I did post some general impressions of the trip here as well. Next post, Rome? (I will even keep the Catholic bashing to a minimum.)

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