Water Taxis

My mom and I are planning a trip to Italy. We’ll spend our last few days in Venice where, I just learned tonight, we will take a “water taxi” to get places.

I have read about water taxis in books, most recently in The Aspern Papers by Henry James and a short story called “Crooner” by Kazuo Ishiguro . . . but I didn’t realize that I would actually have to figure out how to take a water taxi someday. I guess I sort of thought water taxis were for other people and I would just walk (or swim?) if I ever went to Venice. I wonder how this works. I can’t speak Italian! What if I fall in? I don’t swim well! Does the water stink? Will I have to hold polite conversation with the guy steering the taxi? How will I know where I’m going?

I guess I should relax . . . millions of people have done this, and I am certainly (?) not the stupidest or the least able to figure anything out. True, I may be in the bottom half of those millions, but there are still millions beneath me on the “stupid” scale and the “able to wing it” scale. The uncertainty is supposed to be eased with rewards like this one (see below). Stay tuned.

St. Mark's Basilica, Venice

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