Poem for the Weekend

A Broken Vase by Peggy Hemans

I broke a vase
on Christmas Day
sitting on a floor cushion
pulling at flowers
bound up with string

nobody told me off
because of my
stupidity –
this family who have learned
the language of laughter

graced me with
gentle smiles
while the chef said
‘leave it to me’
and cleared up the splinters

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One Response to Poem for the Weekend

  1. The poem starts out sad and makes me worry. But as it goes on, it shows that the family and the chef are kind souls who don’t let shattered pottery dampen their spirits. I do wonder, though … why was the person plucking flowers from the vase? Were they rearranging things, or were they selecting a perfect blossom to present to someone? I like how this poem makes me think.

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