Just a Little Blossom

My snapdragons didn’t come back this year. Usually they seed out and something pops up nearby where last year’s plants were. But nothing this year.

Until the other day, when I noticed this little snapdragon growing in a crevice between the back door and a cement step, where there’s hardly any dirt for a seed to lodge into . . . and it’s about 30 feet away from where my snapdragons grew last year:

I grant you, it’s nothing elaborate, but it’s still gorgeous in its own way if you ask me, nestled in amongst some incorrigible crabgrass and unfriendly rocks. It couldn’t have gotten much sunlight or rain where it is, and it looks a bit lonely, but it still somehow blossomed without fertilizer, weeding, watering, trimming .  .  .  in fact, I didn’t even notice it till the day I took this photo. A pretty tough little guy of a flower.

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