Wanted: “Me” Time

Sales are down at the company where I work. As a sales rep, I am luckily on track for the year, but most reps aren’t and it’s completely understandable. The economy sucks right now.

So, there’s a rumor going around that the execs are considering cutting our hours in order to save money. Of course, that means we would make less money until we start working full time again.

PLEASE, LET THIS HAPPEN! I can afford to take a bit of a pay cut. It would be a delightful tradeoff for working fewer hours. I was not built to work full time. I need down time. Me time. Time to breathe and enjoy life.

I realize I’m probably coming off as a real jerk, but you know  . . .I have several co-workers who feel the same way I do. We’re really sick of working and we would be willing to make less money to work less. Just one footnote on the current employment situation, and on a negative consequence of capitalism–working too much anad not being able to enjoy this one life as much as we’d like to.


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