Calling in Sick on a Friday

Is it OK to call in sick on a Friday? Because that’s what I’ve just done.

I was sick in the night with stomach cramps, bathroom time, and a horrible headache. When I got up at 6:10 AM as usual to get ready for work, I turned on the coffee, walked into the bathroom, turned on the water for the shower . .  . and almost fell over. Not only am I feeling woozy and achy, I’m exhausted from the long night of aching, writhing, and little sleep.

Called in sick.

Now, an hour later, I am out of bed and able to type. Does that mean I am well enough to be at work?

No, it doesn’t. I still have a splitting headache (and don’t feel I can take any more Tylenol than I already have in the last 24 hours), am woozy, have a gurgling and twisting stomach, and my legs ache. Worst of all I’m exhausted, but can’t sleep because lying in bed feeling achy and sick, like I did all night, is now very old. I was supposed to have a customer meeting 80 miles away today, and there’s no way I could drive 80 miles with this stomach and head, and act professional and “on” as a salesperson, then drive 80 miles back to office.

I have been at my job for 1 year and 8 months. This is indeed the second time I have called in sick during that time. I hope it’s not too often. And, it’s Friday today, so my co-workers probably all think I just decided to take a nice long weekend. Oh well, time to let that one go.

I often joke that I like to save my sick days for when I’m feeling good and can enjoy them, but I never take a sick day and just enjoy it.  It must be my Catholic upbringing; I actually feel guilty for being home sick. How screwed up is that?!

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