Another Thought About Cats in Sinks

A few days ago I posted a friend’s photo of his cat in the sink. I promised myself I’d look for a website I ran across once, consisting only of photos of cats in sinks. Sure enough, I found a couple of good ones. One is most commonsensically called Cats In Sinks and another is a nice little daily blog of cats in sinks. And many other sites with photos and videos! They’re worth a look and you won’t be able to NOT smile.

There’s something discordantly amusing about cats in sinks. As people, we would never just hop into a dry bathtub, curl up, look at camera and smile. I think cats like the dry, clean feel of a sink, the fact that the sink cradles their body, and the relative safety of the enclosure. Sitting in the sink also draws the attention of their people, which many cats like. Cats look so loveable sitting in there. In a person’s mind, a sink is not made for lounging around in, but cats all over the world have figured out that that’s exactly what it’s for. Just another reason I love these creatures.

The mystery of cats in sinks reminds me of one of the most beautifully written books I’ve ever read, by Jeffrey Mousaieff Masson. The book is The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats:  A Journey into the Feline Heart. Masson observes his beloved household cats and tries to explain why watching cats can be so entrancing. I’ve held onto the last line of the book, referring to our admiration of cats and how nonchalant yet tantalizing they act when we admire them:

They shrug and set off individually to I know not where, and I am left with the feeling that I have missed out on something essential, some clue to the mystery of these perfect beings who briefly and mysteriously grace my life.

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