The Grunter and Other Unpleasantries at the Gym

Things I like about going to the gym:

  • I get exercise, which feels healthy after a long day of sitting on my ass at work
  • I feel better when I’m done there
  • I like reading the stupid magazines like “People” and “Us” that I would never read otherwise
  • The purple and green colors of the decor
  • The location (2 blocks from work)

Things I loathe about the gym:

  • The couple of guys who think the rest of us are impressed when they grunt (just to be clear, guys, it’s gross)
  • The music – sorry,  I don’t do rap
  • The  fans in front of the treadmills – I don’t like to run in the wind, inside or outside – but I can turn them off if no one objects, and nobody ever does!
  • The scale – it never says what I want it to say
  • The fact that sometimes, some ignoramus has tuned the TV to Fox “News” while I’m there
  • Guys who are clearly at the gym to socialize and not work out
  • People who apparently belong to some odd religious sect that outlaws using deodorant (luckily, these are uncommon)
  • Sometimes a girlfriend/acquaintance (not quite a girlfriend, more than an acquaintance) is there and she wants to socialize when I just want to go into my mental cave, work out, and leave.

Some other things I’ve noticed at the gym:

  • Most people are pretty nice.
  • The owner is nice and he has very good eating habits.
  • The gym is very clean.
  • When equipment breaks, it’s repaired immediately. I appreciate that.
  • The older you get, the harder it is to lose weight.
  • I can no longer eat whatever I want as long as I exercise. Sob!
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